Some of the amazing people who have decided to take the steps towards living a healthier lifestyle.

“I decided to enroll Tatjana’s health coaching program because I wanted to learn how to cook and eat healthier but also to heal E.coli and to balance my thyroid function. During the program we have cooked together and that was such a great experience for me. The most important changes that I discovered after finishing the program are that I am no longer bloated, my digestion improved significantly, I am calmer and much better organized with concise priorities in my life. I would describe Tatjana as a knowledgable, ambitious, inspiring person who walks her talk by encouraging clients to change. Therefore, I recommend her three month health coaching program to anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy, discover new foods, set priorities in their life and improve general health.“

Renata B. | Economist | Serbia (3 Month Program)

“I was very interested to start with the 5 Day Detox program because I wanted to lose weight,  increase my energy level, reduce bloating, discover any food intolerances that I might have, cleanse the body of toxins, as well as to reduce consumption of refined sugar and processed foods. After 5 days, I noticed that my energy levels are higher and that I am no longer bloated. I will definitely continue with the same dietary regimen and I recommend it to all of the people who want to achieve similar results.”

Svetlana M. | Economist | Serbia (5 Day Detox Program)

“My goals at the beginning of the 5 Day Detox program were to lose weight, increase energy, reduce bloating, cleanse the body of toxins and reduce intake of processed foods. Upon completion of the program, I feel great, fresh, motivated to work and exercise. In my opinion, this program is perfect for those who want to lose weight, have more energy and learn how to eat healthier.”

Katarina M. | Psychotherapist | Serbia (5 Day Detox Program) 


“My main goals at the beginning of detox program were the desire to cleanse my body of toxins, reduce bloating and lose weight in a healthy way. After 5 days I have more energy and do not feel the need to eat sugar. I am absolutely never bloated, even during the PMS period. Tatjana’s program is great for anyone wants to lose weight, increase energy levels, reduce bloating, cleanse the body of toxins and reduce or completely throw out refined sugars. In addition, I would mention that the program is full of brilliant recipes that I’m now using regularly.”

Sladjana T. | Journalist | Serbia (5 Day Detox Program)

“I started with 5 Day Detox program in order to lose weight, reduce intake of processed foods and to detoxify my body. During the program I felt great and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to reduce bloating and to improve their health. The thing that I liked a lot is that we picked up the food every morning before breakfast time, so we had our meals with us for the whole day. Besides that, the food was delicious. “

Dragana N. | Lawyer | Serbia (5 Day Detox Program)

“I decided to do Tatjana’s detox program because I wanted to increase my energy levels, flush my body clean of toxins and to lose weight. For 5 days I lost 1.8 kg, boosted my energy levels and I feel less hungry. I recommend 5 Day Detox to those who want to increase their energy levels and cleanse the body of toxins. “

Marija Š. | Brand and PR Manager | Serbia (5 Day Detox Program)

“My main goals at the beginning of the group health coaching program were the desire to heal my body and to learn to eat healthier. Tatjana helped me a lot and also changed my life for the better. The most important changes that I noticed are the reduction of my body weight and less joint pain. Tatjana is a woman who has a lot of knowledge to give and she is a great person. I admire her a lot. Group program “Power to you” is great for people who want to take care of their health and to live healthy. “ 

Tatjana P. | Gynecologist | Serbia (Group program “Power in you”)

“Upon enrolling the group health coaching program I wanted to improve my health, learn how to listen to my body and to eat healthier. Every of the 8 sessions that we had with Tatjana were fun and full of helpful information. In between the sessions we were writing a food journal that has contributed an easier goal achievement. I feel lighter and I have enough energy throughout the day. Tatjana as a health coach was always available, devoted and very professional. These eight weeks just flew by. Her program is great for anyone who wants to do something really good for herrself and the environment… as we can always help someone. For those who want to love their body even more and especially to those who don’t take their health for granted.”

Biljana M. | Laboratory technician | Serbia (Group program “Power in you”)

“Tatjana is a person who encourages others into action and I think it is impossible no matter what type of personality you are, that with her help you won’t get the results. After completing the program, I became more responsible and organized. 🙂 This group program helped me primarily to enhances the senses what is going on in my body, which until then I did not understand. I recommend it to all those who want to learn to listen to their body, to improve their health, physical appearance and then at the end, for me most importantly, learn to truly love yourself. I’m quite sure that you will love it all. Thank you Tatjana. “

Aleksandra Č. | Student | Serbia (Group program “Power in you”)

“Tatiana’s group program is such a great investment for everyone who wants to improve their health, learn to listen to their body, get rid of some health problems, learn to eat healthier and to implement the knowledge in your own approach. Tatjana is very professional and trained to carefully monitor the reactions caused by changes in diet and lifestyle. The most important changes that I noticed upon completion of the program are that nothing is black or white, and to relax and enjoy the wide spectrum between the two extremes. I would describe Tatjana as a very calm and cheerful person who teaches you to rejoice in small things in life. First of all to listen to your body and to provide a holistic manner attention. Therefore, her programs are for  all who value their body and want to give it more but do not know how. Tatjana will give you a tool that you will be able to use for a better and healthier life. In addition, the group program is a great way to meet wonderful people. It’s inspiring to follow their progress. “

Miroslav M. | Pharmacist | Serbia (Group program “Power in you”)

“My main goals were to learn how to eat healthier, find ways to reduce stress, improve the quality of my life and to lose weight. Tatjana has helped me with her advice, educational materials, delicious recipes and continuous support including setting monthly and bi-monthly goals. The biggest changes I noticed was the result I achieved in my body weight reduction,  I learned how to manage stress and to have a better way of life. I have included physical activity in the daily schedule and I feel much better and livelier. Tatjana is a fun, responsible person, full of confidence, new ideas and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve a healthy and balanced life in every sense. “

Patrick G. | Entrepreneur | Belgium (3 Month Program)

“Three month health coaching program was a great experience for me. I enrolled it with the desire to learn how to eat healthy and improve my body by maintaining it till the rest of my life. Tatjana’s knowledge and inputs to were so important during the process of change. I have learned to apply it in my everyday life. This program is extremely useful and an excellent foundation for building a healthy lifestyle. I recommend Tatjana to anyone who wants to gain knowledge about proper and healthy diet, as well as to build and maintain healthy habits and keep them after the program. “

Ana J. | Marketing Manager | Serbia (3 Month Program)

“My goals at the beginning of the three month program were to learn how to eat a healthy diet and to change my current habits. Tatjana helped me a lot and I would describe her as a fantastic and cheerful person with whom was a pleasure to cooperate. She is the one who kept me motivated to achieve all the goals I wanted, with support through a number of recipes, advice and recommendations. She was there for me 24/7 and that was what I needed. Her full attention  through the program helped me progress. Thanks for her tremendous support! I am happy that I have a sincere friend in her that is more than just a health coach. During the three-month program, I lost 5kg (much more in size), and I am happy that this change is going gradually until I completely change my habits. I recommend Tatjana to anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy and to improve their lives. “

Tatjana T. J. | General Manager | Macedonia (3 Month Program)

“I decided to do Tatjana’s 5 DAY DETOX PROGRAM because I felt constantly drained and I wanted to clean my body of accumulated toxins. I lost 4.2kg by following advice related to this detox program. After completing the program, I feel great, with much more energy. I recommend it to everyone who has similar complaints and symptoms.”

Dragiša P. | Entrepreneur | Serbia (5 Day Detox Program)

Testimonial Totally Wellness“I decided to contact Tatjana in order to learn how to eat healthier and to lose weight. She primarily helped me a lot with her advice, personal example, great interest in my progress and with many delicious recipes. After finishing the program I am happier and healthier. I adopted a new way of eating that fits my lifestyle and discovered many new food products. I would describe Tatjana as a supportive and hardworking person. She is a great expert in a healthy food field. I recommend her to everyone who is willing to change old habits and who wants to improve their health and lifestyle.” 

Danijela B. | Economist | Serbia (3 Month Program)


“After finishing Tatjana’s “5 Day Detox Program” I lost 4,8kg and experienced the real benefits of natural and healthy food. I feel fantastic as I am full of energy and in a great mood. There are a few dishes that I will keep as a part of my daily diet, such as freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, a combination of legumes and whole grains, and the schedule of my meals during the day. This program has inspired me to care a lot more about the food combinations and from now on my shopping cart at the supermarket will be full of fresh vegetables and fruits. I strongly recommend this detox program to anyone who wants to feel healthier and happier.”

Miroslav D. | Economist | Serbia (5 Day Detox Program)


“The reason why I decided to do Tatjana’s “5 Day Detox Program” was that I felt tired and unsatisfied with my general health condition, with a desire to change something in my diet in order to improve my health, mood and sleep. After completing Tatjana’s detox program at the hotel Galleria, I achieved great results. I lost 4kg, I have more energy, my sleep pattern is much better and I do not wake up in the middle of the night. Also, I noticed that I deal with stressful situations much better. New habits that I decided to keep in my daily routine are reduced intake of caffeine, more water and tea, with balanced, healthy meals that will provide me energy. I recommend this detox program to anyone who wants to improve health and general quality of their life because this program is a true initiator of positive changes.”

Tomislav S. | Serbian football coach | Serbia (5 Day Detox Program)

12342737_123415074693490_302566946254022629_n-174x174“My main goal was to change my way of eating and get rid of bloating and toxins, that were slowing my body. After finishing the program I feel great, I lost 3kg and I have more energy for my daily activities. I recommend it to all of the people who want to lose weight in a healthy way, to introduce healthy eating habits into their lifestyle and to get rid of bloating. Meals are very tasty and fresh. I recommend Tatjana’s Detox program to the people with health problems related to digestion and food intolerances.”

Jasmina M. | Life Coach | Serbia (5 Day Detox Program)

Sanja Kurkic

My main goals at the beginning of the three month program were to learn how to change my diet in a healthy way and to lose weight. Thanks to Tatjana I lost 22 pounds and I finally realized benefits of the plant based diet, what helped me to reduce my meat consumption. At the end of the program I feel much better, calmer, full of energy and satisfied with all of the results that I achieved. Tatjana is very inspiring health coach, positive and supportive person and great expert in a healthy food field. I recommend her to everyone who wants to improve their diet, health and lifestyle.

Sanja K. | Head Hunting Manager | Serbia (3 Month Program)

“I decided to contact Tatjana in order to change my lifestyle, diet and to lose weight. During the three month program, Tatjana helped me a lot with her advice, devotion, self example and great organizational skills as a health coach to achieve all of my goals. I lost 12 pounds, got used to the healthy diet, improved my blood results and reduced high blood pressure. I feel much better now and I look healthier than before at the age of 66.” 

Žarko B. | Economist | Serbia (3 Month Program)


Before I met Tatjana, I was at first glance a plausible person. I was right in the middle – not overly appealing, but not overly unfit. A regular body; regular enough that whenever I complained, everyone told me I was fine. But I didn’t feel fine. I was tired. I craved sugar, starches and meat. When she suggested I try eating fish and more vegetables, I didn’t believe her and thought a pill might likely be my only hope. I was wrong and Tatjana was correct. After falling sick with strep throat, I changed my diet and began to eat veggies, cut out wheat and meat and eat beans and fish and rice. My silhouette is svelte and my energy is constant. I never thought I would be allowed to feel or look the way that I notices some people seem to around me. I don’t feel like I’m on the outside anymore. I’m in the game, I’m my true self with no layers clouding me, my thinking or my goals. Without Tatjana, I’d still be a regular gal with run of the mill hopes and no way of achieving them. I thank the heavens for the day I met her. My life has a path that I create now rather than a path on which I didn’t have enough agency to transform. 

Katie D. | Writer | New York (6 Month Program)

NinaBefore I started working with Tatjana, I was exhausted and with no energy to do my daily activities. After three months of Tatjana’s support and advice how to eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I feel full of energy, my skin looks really healthy and it has a natural look to it. I lost 10kg and I am happy that I learned how to maintain my ideal weight without deprivation and dieting. Thank you Tatjana, I am really happy that I found you and I would truly recommend you to all people who want to lose weight and change their lifestyle. 

Nina I. | Doctor of Veterinary Medicine | Ukraine (6 Month Program)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJ1AAAAJGE0NzViODJjLTRmMDgtNGUxMS1hNzRlLWM2OTgyNzYwMmEzNwI would say that I had a wonderful time going through the 6 month program with Tatjana. All aspects of my life had improved and there are some changes I thought I would never be able to accomplish. Before starting the program I have never cooked, so I was curious where will I get after finishing it. Not only that I started cooking instead of my husband but I lost 10kg (22lbs) and became more motivated to achieve other personal and professional goals. I feel ready to live a healthy and abundant life. 

Natasa C. | Intellectual Property and Startup Attorney | New York (3 Month Program)

Aleksandra-Ninkovic-150x150My top three goals upon starting the 6 month program with Tatjana were to lose weight, to change my lifestyle and to better organize myself. I  am so proud that I have completed everything that I wished for while working wit her! I learned many things about how to eat and cook healthy, and also got to know some different foods that I wasn’t eating before. I feel great and I have much more energy than before.

Aleksandra N. | Gymnastics coach and choreographer | Canada (6 Month Program)

Biljana-P.-150x150After trying dozens of different diets and countless failed attempts to lose weight, I decided to enroll Tatjana’s program and I achieved an amazing result. I lost 27kg (60lbs) in 4 months by incorporating a healthy and balanced diet eating by the menu that Tatjana provided to me. One of the greatest achievements is that I learned how to maintain my own weight for the future. I feel happy, healthy and confident in my own skin. Tatjana’s program has changed my life.

Biljana K. | Registered Nurse | Serbia (6 Month Program)

FullSizeRender-5Before I started working with Tatjana I had many health issues. I was overweight, I had problems with my stomach, gallbladder, the skin condition on my face and an ankle pain. Tatjana taught me to eat differently, to choose healthier foods but most importantly that I do not have to starve myself in order to lose weight or improve my health. I lost 10kg (22 lbs) and my health problems either disappeared or significantly decreased. I learned how to listen to my body and that all aspects of my life have equal influence on my wellbeing. 

Nena Dz. | Assistant Director | New York (3 Month Program)

FullSizeRender-4Tatjana thought me what to incorporate into my daily diet and how to combine the ingredients to make balanced meals. She is an amazing health coach with a lot of knowledge and understanding that will inspire you in every way. During the program I learned how to focus on my goals and I feel great about myself! I love my body and these are the results of which I have only dreamed of.

Ivona S. | International Market Manager | Netherlands (3 Month Program)

Marija-Kopunovic-150x150Tatjana taught me how to cook and combine different foods, I lost weight and I deal with stressful situations differently. I enjoy cooking, especially looking at the colors and smelling the aromas that nature gives us. I feel light, mobile, healthy. My exercise routine is regular and I do not feel like is an obligation anymore. I started running, what I’ve never been able to do before. I did not have the strength, energy, and my joints were aching. Just a few months ago I couldn’t manage to run for the bus, but now – thanks to my new diet and lifestyle changes, I manage to run six kilometers without stopping.

Marija K.| Student | Serbia (3 Month Program)

Vojin-Panajotovic-150x150Before starting the health coaching program with Tatjana my main health concern was the reduction of body weight and learning how to eat healthy. Tatjana helped me to change unhealthy eating habits and taught me how to understand my cravings. She challenged me to start cooking, as I never did it before. Program handouts were very helpful and will go back to them from time to time to remind my self of all the important content we talked about during the program. In 12 weeks I lost 10kg (22lbs) and I am so proud of my cooking progress.

Vojin P. | Economist | Serbia (3 Month Program)

10345930_743603245680391_8414482469783581348_nDue to the poor blood work results, elevated liver enzymes, triglycerides double than normal, chronic fatigue and obesity, I knew I had to change my diet in order to get my health back. After trying several different diets, I realized i needed “something more serious”. I decided to join Tatjana’s 3 month program together with my daughter and believe me I am thrilled. In 12 weeks I lost 10kg (22 lbs), my cholesterol and liver enzymes levels have returned to normal and I continued eating a healthy diet after the program. Our success can be seen in the fact that I started going to the gym on the regular basis and I feel better than ever at the age of 53.

Snezana C. | Administrative Assistant | Serbia (3 Month Program)